Greddy 35RX GT-R + Tarzan Yamada at Fuji Speedway, December 2011


greddy 35rx engine
This was back in December before the car had one of the new Greddy VR38 intake manifolds and billet large bore throttle bodies. There's nothing too fancy here visually which is a testament to what an excellent job Nissan did when designing the VR38. The 35RX has the Greddy GT-R twin turbo upgrade kit with special TD06SH-25G turbos. The 25G compressor wheel is dimensionally very similar to the Garrett T04S 60-1 compressor wheel. The TD06H turbine wheel is virtually identical in size to a Garrett TA34 Navistar turbine wheel better known as a “Stage 3”. The engine is one of Greddy's complete 4.3L engines.

greddy 35rx interior
No, the 35RX does not run on an E-manage Ultimate. I suspect it is used here for some simple datalogging. I think that's a Greddy Profec-B Spec II boost controller. Trust R&D handled ECU tuning using reflash software from Neko Corporation. Neko has been doing ROM tuning equipment and reflash software (in Japanese) since the mid-80's.

greddy 35rx interior
Like I said before, the interior is mostly stock with the exception of the Racetech bucket seats, some Greddy electronic units, and a OTB button (over take boost) on the steering wheel.

greddy 35rx stickers
There were these little JDM stickers all over the car like this. They were definitely better than the Engrish of the 90's (e.g. Pray to the god of Bomex, etc.), but some of them didn't make too much sense.

greddy 35rx tarzan
After the first session, everybody came to listen to the Tarzan download. The whole entire staff including the drink and food girl (yeah! male dominant society!) were listening intently as he broke it down. You could tell that the entire staff cared and took pride in the car.

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