New Motor Mounts for Project DC2 Integra!

This mount was more of a pain because it was harder to reach the bolts and the engine had to be shifted a little to get everything to line up. With a lift, this was not too bad but it would be harder on jack stands at home for sure.

With a little bit of massaging, we got the final mount in place and gave everything a final tightening.

With the new mounts in place, it was time to go for a test drive.  The first thing we noticed was there is definitely an increase in vibration, but it is mostly just at idle.  Driving at higher rpm driving the difference was not as obvious over stock.  There was a lot less drivetrain snatch and this made the car drive smoother with less jerkiness.  Shifting was improved as well.  Wheel-hop was totally absent and the car put down traction better when the clutch was dumped. Hard starts were much much smoother.

Despite being a soft urethane, we felt that the Hasport mounts controlled engine movement an order of magnitude better than the worn stock parts and most likely would be a huge improvement over new stock parts as well. If you are looking for a solid replacement motor mount with the least amount of increased vibration over a stock mount, the Hasport mount is for you.  The fact that it’s heavy duty and improves performance as well is icing on the cake!




  1. I had the 70 on my 98 DC2. Can 8points really make that much of a difference in NVH? I really hated the NVH at idle. With my DB8, I am eyeing the Hardrace hardened rubber kits.

    1. These seemed to be really close to the clapped out stock parts for vibration and really controlled engine movement.

  2. These seemed to be really close to the clapped out stock parts for vibration and really controlled engine movement.

  3. Weird Trick: I usually make my own using roller skate wheels. You can get the in all kinds of hardness ranging from about 60A to 108A Shore strength. I usually cut them down and press them in. 60 is about stock. in most cases. 108 is about the hardness of aluminum. I usually settle on 82A. But I’m not the person to talk to about NVH, as I don’t care that much about it. But its usually the point you can safely go to without rattling…

  4. What about the other two mounts? Did you change those two? I am seeing kits that come with 3 pieces, some with 5. I guess the other two are the left lower and the transmission mount. Is it weird to use polyurethane on some and rubber on others?

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