Hypertech REACT Eliminates the Annoying Toyota Tundra Overly Sensitive Throttle

The installation of the unit is very simple.  Before installing it, we plugged everything together just to see how everything fit.

The first step is to unplug the OEM connector from the drive-by-wire throttle pedal. You gotta squeeze the tab at the upper part of the plug on the right side towards the tranny tunnel.  The trouble is the tab is small and stiff and it’s a bitch getting the tab pushed in hard enough to pull the plug off.  Our fingers still hurt!  One tip that might work for you, pushing the connector in before you squeeze the tab helps it release easier.  For us it was still hard. It might be easier to unbolt the pedal assembly from the firewall just so you can get in there and push directly with your thumb.  We were about to give up and do just that when we suddenly popped the connector off!

Next, you plug the OEM plug into the REACT jumper harness and plug the other end into the OEM pedal assembly.

Then you plug the jumper harness and USB cable into the brain unit.  When everything is plugged in you zip-tie the brain unit out of the way.  We zip-tied it to the original harness termination heading toward the pedal assembly.  Nice and simple, don’t overthink it!


  1. I can confirm that Toyota calibrated the throttle to give the impression of lots of torque. The calibration was changed significantly for the 2014MY. Tow/Haul mode in the 2014 is like the base throttle map for the 07-13MY.

  2. For this much money, one would be way better off getting a MPVI from HP tuners and changing throttle maps in there! plus all the other stuff you can do..

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