Hypertech REACT Eliminates the Annoying Toyota Tundra Overly Sensitive Throttle

Next, you stick this steel disk to the dash.  The only fault of the system is the self-stick adhesive on this disk is too weak and it doesn’t stick hard enough to the Toyota plastic to hold the unit in.  We put 3M automotive grade double stick tape on the disc and boom, the problem was solved!

The magnetic mount sticks to the back of the controller with its own adhesive.  This bond was strong enough to work with no problem.  The USB cable from the brain plugs into the bottom of the controller.

The magnetic mount sticks to the disc we taped to the dash, the USB cable goes under the dash through the steering column hole and the excess cable is bundled up behind there and zip tied.  There you go, super easy installation!  The only hard part was getting the OEM connector off of the throttle.  The rest of the installation took 10 minutes.

The controller works simply. You push the dial in to scroll through the 5 modes.  When you are in a mode you can turn the knob to adjust the sensitivity of the curve you are in.   Turning the knob in the plus direction makes the pedal gain higher so your throttle is more aggressive and turning in the minus direction makes the gain less so the throttle is less sensitive.

When you download and open the REACT Software, you can see and tune all of the curves preprogrammed in your unit.  You can also tune away to your heart’s content or download other curves from Hypertech.  The grey line is your stock throttle response curve.  The mud/sand setting with the blue dotted line is the pre-programmed curve and the gray area is the zone that you can program in if you choose.  Below is something that looks like a parametric equalizer from your stereo.   You can move the dots up and down to customize your curve to your liking if you don’t like the pre-programmed curves.

The mud and sand curve is more aggressive than stock and it is intended to give you wheelspin in mud and sand to fling the mud and sand out of the grooves in your tires to keep them biting and to prevent you from bogging down.  We didn’t like this curve as we felt it made the truck much too jumpy and that is what we were trying to get rid of.  We guess we will use this in mud or sand when we get in it.


  1. I can confirm that Toyota calibrated the throttle to give the impression of lots of torque. The calibration was changed significantly for the 2014MY. Tow/Haul mode in the 2014 is like the base throttle map for the 07-13MY.

  2. For this much money, one would be way better off getting a MPVI from HP tuners and changing throttle maps in there! plus all the other stuff you can do..

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