Hypertech REACT Eliminates the Annoying Toyota Tundra Overly Sensitive Throttle

The street curve is a little less aggressive than the mud and sand curve, especially when you first crack the throttle.  We felt that this felt pretty fun and peppy but it was about the same as stock at low speed.  We turned the knob down a few clicks and liked it a lot then.

Economy mode is a bit less aggressive than stock and is less sensitive just when you are opening the throttle.  We really liked this setting a lot.  We added a few clicks on the plus side to give us more low-speed control and make the throttle feel like stock everywhere else.  We noticed that our mileage went up a few tenths of a few MPG consistently as well. This is our favorite setting for most stuff.

Crawl is way less aggressive than stock and gives you way less low-speed sensitivity.  This is great for backing into the trailer ball and picking our way through a rocky riverbed in our favorite off-roading area that used to give the truck fits.  It totally gets rid of the low-speed throttle bucking when a bump gets your feet moving unintentionally.  This is the best for low-speed off-roading in technical spots.  It feels a little weird on the street and the truck feels slow and sluggish.

Between the pre-programmed settings and the gain knob, we didn’t feel the need to do any custom tuning although it’s a snap to do so.  The jumpy stock Tundra throttle was so annoying it was the #1 thing we didn’t like about the truck.  Although the fact that something so minor like this is what we hate the most shows just how good this truck is, to be able to easily cure the problem with a functional mod that greatly enhances performance and makes driving easier is awesome!

We really recommend the Hypertech REACT, especially on this truck!













  1. I can confirm that Toyota calibrated the throttle to give the impression of lots of torque. The calibration was changed significantly for the 2014MY. Tow/Haul mode in the 2014 is like the base throttle map for the 07-13MY.

  2. For this much money, one would be way better off getting a MPVI from HP tuners and changing throttle maps in there! plus all the other stuff you can do..

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