Import Auto Salon 2009

In America, SEMA used to throw a half ass attempt at a show called the Import Auto Salon. I went to the first two or three years in Long Beach, but after that it was pretty much a joke so I never went afterwards. IAS was basically an Import Showoff with east coast vendors. This year at the Tokyo Auto Salon they also had an Import Auto Salon. However, “import” in Japan generally means European.

How about two Lambos on bags?

This Super GT (GT300) BMW Z4 has the super hot anime graphics.

This LS460 was decked out with neon, Swarovski diamonds, DP champagne, and your prerequisite dead fox. DP is Dom Perignon btw, not that other thing.

These two widebody GTIs are pretty cool looking. I wouldn’t ever roll a GTI knowing an STi can smoke the shit out of any GTI, but these look pretty cool nonetheless.

This Audi TT is pretty clean. I’m getting a feeling here that the Japanese are making better looking German cars than the Germans. German car owners are usually pretty fucking stuck up about that shit. For example, BMW = Hartge/Dinan/Alpina/etc., Benz = Lorinser/Carlsson, etc. The internet is making the marketplace global. One of these days BMW, Porsche, and Benz owners might get their fucking noses out of the air and realize that.

I forgot the name of this thing. Tiguan or something like that?

WALD Lexus IS-F is not really for me, but whatever floats your boat.

Admittedly one of the best elements of the show is when you find a model that is actually workin it to earn earn dat dolla. This one was workin hard. This kind of model is way better than the kind that stands there trying to look cute with her crooked ass teeth.

The Import Auto Salon was definitely a good additiona to the TAS. I actually enjoyed walking through there. There were plenty of Porsches, Lambos, Ferraris, etc. but you see those things everywhere here (at least in LA) in the states so there’s no use putting up those pics. Enjoy.

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