Improving Towing Capability with Hellwig and Bilstein Part Two

Improving Towing Capability with Hellwig and Bilstein Part Two

by Mike Kojima

In part one, we installed Hellwig air springs, rear anti sway bar and Bilstein 5100 series shocks on our workhorse 2014 Chevy Silverado truck.  We were super impressed with what the rear suspension did to make our towing experience more pleasant and much safer. However, due to time constraints we did not have time to do the front suspension.

With our rear suspension working awesomely, it made the front suspension feel very inadequate, the obvious weak point in getting the truck to handle well.  With a break in the racing schedule, we used a day's down time to install the front suspension parts. 

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We installed Hellwig's front sway bar to complement the rear sway bar that we had installed in the last segment.  Hellwig anti sway bars are made of 4140 chrome molly, a high nickel tough steel alloy that is not only a very good material choice for a sway bar but a notch above what most sway bar manufactures spec out.  

The Hellwig front bar is a huge 1.5″ thick, up from the stock 1.125″.  The Hellwig bar has nearly twice the roll stiffness as the stock part.

The first step was to remove the front bar. 
The Hellwig bar on top is obviously much bigger in diameter than the stock bar on the bottom.
Here is a closer look at the bar diameters.  Hellwig top and stock on the bottom.
To prevent squeaking we wrapped the Hellwig bar in teflon tape where it when through the bushings. 

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