Improving Towing Capability with Hellwig and Bilstein Part Two


Everything is bolted back in place in the reverse order that it was taken apart.
With the front raised up the truck now sits level. In our last edition we had installed some lightweight forged 20×9.5 Volk TE37X wheels.  The Volk wheels were lighter than stock even though they were much bigger.

To complement the wheels we got a set of Falken Wild Peak H/T tires in 275/55-20. Our new wheel and tire combo put a lot more rubber on the road. The Wild Peak H/T is biased more toward all season highway use which is great for us. 

When test driving the truck we were amazed at its transformation.  Our truck has literally become sports car like.  Body roll has been reduced by 3 fold and the truck actually has a pretty neutral balance in the turns. 

The stiffer sway bars and shocks compliment the larger Volk wheel/Falken tire combo giving a big increase in cornering speed and security.  The truck is actually fun in the turns now. 

Although the ride is slightly firmer, it's overall quality is better with body motion being controlled better.  There is way less body roll, squat and dive.  Head toss when entering driveways is greatly reduced as well. 

In towing, with the new front suspension, the truck is amazingly better.  What used to be white knuckle is now sedate.  The front suspension now fully compliments the rear.   Overall this is some of the best money we could have spent on our truck not only to make it a way better tow vehicle but to make it more comfortable and even fun in everyday driving. 

These mods from Hellwig and Bilstein are way up there on the must have bang of the buck scale!





Eimer Engineering

?Volk Wheels

Falken Tires

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