Industry Insider: A Look at the Technology Behind RAYS Wheels


project EVO IX VOLKMotoIQ Project EVO IX

Racing is pretty tough on wheels; racers routinely bump off of FIA curbing and put wheels off course, sometimes into dug out ruts. Most of our staff have not damaged Rays wheels at all in many laps of racing. True, sometimes you can buy several sets of knockoff wheels for the price on one set of Volk wheels but in my experience knock offs and lower grade cast wheels are not only heavy but bend exceedingly easily. I have seen one set of knockoff TE37s bend all over in one track session where the driver had not even run off track! I have also seen a set of knockoff TE37s shear all of its spokes off letting the rim and tire fly! Another issue is that the design of Volk wheels is optimized for Rays unique strength enhancing forging process. Knock offs of Volk wheels are cast. No wonder they are weak and possibly even dangerous. Do yourself a favor, Save your money and buy the real thing!


rays engineering headquarters in japan
Rays corporate headquarters in Japan.

project evo ix volk


Rays wheels are more than just status symbols for the tuner market. Besides the looks and the brand image, there are the many compelling technical reasons to get better wheels! Are you convincedyet? We are.



Rays Wheels

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