Inside the 1000 hp LS, Dai Yoshihara’s Formula Drift Powerplant


The Callies rods are 6.350″ long resulting in a reasonable considering the stroke length 1.49 stroke to rod length ratio or about the same as an H22 Honda engine.

The longer rods result in less side loading on the pistons and cylinder walls, and slower acceleration away from top dead center easing stress on the rods, pistons, and crank.  Slower acceleration from TDC also helps improve volumetric efficiency as there is more time to fill the cylinders.

We used King XP P-Max engine bearings. We have had excellent results with King bearings in many of our latest project motors and have used King Bearings on Dai’s motors before with excellent results.

The XP bearing’s pMax-Black material is a tri-metal bearing with a steel backing, a very high capacity copper based intermediate layer and a softer, thin lead-based overlay that contains 5% copper and undergoes a proprietary hardening process for industry-leading load capacity.

In addition, the King main bearings have elliptical oil holes, undercut oil grooves for the maximum bearing area, a very tight crush fit for optimal heat transfer and solid retention and an eccentric ID to help form and maintain a hydrodynamic oil film easier.

You can see the undercut “U Groove” oil grooves and”ElliptiX” elliptical oil transfer holes here.

The U Groove is deeper but more narrow to give more bearing surface area yet maintain good oil flow to the bearing surface and to the rods. The Elliptix oil hole has a large diameter plus a slotted area in the groove portion of the hole to increase the volume of oil flow to the bearing surface without decreasing the amount of bearing area.

The bearings we used were among the first to be coated with Kings new revolutionary pMax Kote K-334 nano-ceramic coating.

The nano-ceramic coating uses ceramic and inorganic solid lubricant nanoparticles in a polyamide resin matrix. The inorganics, usually stuff like moly and graphite, serve as a solid lubricant while the ceramic gives a high level of wear resistance and increases the coatings load bearing capability.

Unlike most bearing polymer coatings which act as a sacrificial wear layer during initial startup for rotational load protection as the bearings hydrodynamic film is forming, King’s coating is tough and wear resistant, actually improving the bearings fatigues resistance and load bearing capacity as well as having great anti-friction capacity.  The coating also provides a high degree of resistant to cavitation erosion.

K-334 coating will make King’s awesome XP bearings even better and we can’t wait to get more experience with it.


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