Installing and Tuning the AEM Infinity EMS – Honda S2000


The Enkei NT-03 is a cast wheel that has a MAT roll formed rim which gives many of the advantages of a forged wheel for a relatively low price point.  The Wilwood six piston brake system with two piece rotors works exceedingly well and also has a decent price point over some of the more exotic systems available for the car.  It is great to see Nitto doing well in this class which was previously dominated by the Hankook RS3.
An APR GTC-250 wing provides downforce with minimal drag, a well balanced combination for the car's power level.  A Gurney flap helps improve the airfoil's effectiveness with a minimal increase in drag.
An area where a lot of people mess up is building proper wing mounts.  A good wing can make over 300 lbs of downforce, enough to easily rip a trunk off or fail wimpy mounts, often with disastrous results. NitroDrive fabricated these sturdy mounts that attach solidly to the car's chassis. Along with proper wing mounting, the S2K also sports a Rockstar Garage “Rockstar Bar” for proper harness mounting and rollover protection. Rockstar Garage is owned and operated by MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships competitor and all around S2K guy Justin Taylor. 
The rear suspension is very doable for the typical enthusiast, KW Clubsport coilovers, a Godspeed rear anti sway bar and Energy urethane bushings are all very straightforward parts.
The front suspension is also very obtainable.  It uses KW Clubsports, a Godspeed front bar and Energy suspension bushings.  You can't see them but Godspeed front adjustable upper control arms are also in place to fine tune camber settings.
A Buddy Club rollcenter adjuster is used in the front suspension as well.
Ordinarily a Wasp Composites rear diffuser with side vortex generators is mounted out back but it was removed because the exhaust had to come out to add a bung for the wide band O2 sensor for the AEM Infinity EMS.


  1. Hey, I just came across this article while trying to setup my own Infinity on my S2000. How are you switching maps with VTEC activation? The user manual for the infinity is kind of vague on that point. I see you have separate VE tables. Do you also have separate lambda maps and ignition maps? Thanks for any input and guidance you may have.

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