Installing and Tuning the AEM Infinity EMS – Honda S2000


When compared to the OEM EMS on the left, the AEM Infinity is tiny. It is ruggedized for competition use and has USB ports for easy data access.
What makes the installation a snap is this awesome plug and play harness that AEM provides.  Not having proper wiring is the downfall for many grassroots racing efforts and having a decent plug and play wiring solution is wonderful.
If you don't have much imagination, the blue connector on the harness plugs into the Infinity's main OEM quality locking connector.
Plugs in just like so,
The other end of the harness has an OEM female connector just like the stock EMS that the factory harness plugs into.
The other connectors plug directly into the factory plugs.  There is an auxiliary connector for data logging, traction control, map selector, etc.


  1. Hey, I just came across this article while trying to setup my own Infinity on my S2000. How are you switching maps with VTEC activation? The user manual for the infinity is kind of vague on that point. I see you have separate VE tables. Do you also have separate lambda maps and ignition maps? Thanks for any input and guidance you may have.

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