Installing and Tuning the AEM Infinity EMS – Honda S2000


The engine is remarkably stock with just bolt ons. A stainless Buddy Club header and Brian Crower cams, springs and retainers are just about it as far as mods go.
An AEM cold air intake is also used.  The engine is very typical of what a lot of S2K owners would do.  Innovative heavy duty motor, diff and trans mounts keep the drivetrain from moving excessively reducing wear and improving shifting.
Per the Street Class rules, the interior must remain largely in place.


Below you can see the record setting laps Tony has been able to achieve at both Big Willow and Streets of Willow, all on street tires!


Lets get started with the Infinity EMS installation by removing the stock EMS which is found on the firewall under the dash.



  1. Hey, I just came across this article while trying to setup my own Infinity on my S2000. How are you switching maps with VTEC activation? The user manual for the infinity is kind of vague on that point. I see you have separate VE tables. Do you also have separate lambda maps and ignition maps? Thanks for any input and guidance you may have.

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