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project tundra

We are equipped for anything on the road.  GPS, power inverter, cell phones, laptop with wireless card, radar detector, road food including Jeff’s lame sunflower seeds and Mike’s signature humongous diet coke.


road pros

Road Warriors


The most unflattering photo of Mike in existence!


mike kojima

Our compressor was not working so we had to add air to our nearly flat tires at a gas station.


mike kojima jeff Nayaert

Boredom on the road is always a big issue.  So he won’t fall asleep, Jeff bones up on his favorite subject–pussy–while Mike amps up on caffeine.  A cool thing about the giant big gulp is that you can pee in it when you are done.


mike kojima
Mike is always on the phone for a guy who hates talking on the phone, phone calls and text messaging. Too much fast food is bad so we try to eat at intermediate fast food places like Chili’s which are cheaper than good restaurants but slightly more healthy than fast food.  At least you can get a vegetable there.


e books
Jeff had the great idea of trying to listen to an electronic book to help pass the time.  He selected “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, warning this story sucks ass.  The story was so boring and awfully worded even considering that it was written in the 1920’s it was hard to take.  I now remember why I could not finish this book in high school.  Classic schmlassic.


mike kojima
Cheap hotels are part of every racers life.  We got in at 1am only to find our reservations were lost and the manager at this hotel was retarded.  He didn’t know how to work the fax machine so he never got the reservation fax from for us and about 50 other people that got spit out when Jeff turned the fax on!


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