Keep Racing Fun, a Fake Blog Road Trip Adventure


The sources of our vibration was our old and rotted tires suffering from tread separation.  The left front tire was in bad shape and one of the rear tires was starting to delaminate.  We were done for the weekend.


mike kojima
One good thing about not having much stuff is that you can load up and go home quickly.  I thnk it took the Cobb guys hours to pack and unpack.


#6 was an entry in the Asian Limited class which is higher than Street class.  No pictures of Super Modied Asian, I think there was only one entry.


Saturday night R&R before the long drive home.


We were feeling pretty tired so we stopped at the landmark Mad Greek for a break.  I think this stuff is legal.




Greek rotating meat is tasty.


Jeff takes a nap.


 I wait for the pills and diet coke to kick in.



After an emergency night of rest at the MGM Grand, the only hotel to have secure RV parking, we hit the road for the long tow home.


alien stuff

This place had alien jerky.  I don’t think it had actual alien in it.  We had to stop here.


Apparently aliens can’t spell.  They must be ESL students or something.


mike kojima

 We were bummed because we couldn’t park.


butt heads
 Uh ok…

We didn’t win or even do very well but we had a lot of fun.  A day at the track beats a day in the office any day.  Hopefully our Project Spec-V Time Attack car will be done soon and perhaps we will have a chance at SECOND place.

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