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I have to keep this shot out of the tabloids, remember the internet is forever. Sorry for your eyes!


I seem to have gained some weight since I last had my drivers suit on 4 years ago.  Safety equipment is very uncomfortable, I especially hate the HANS Device.  I guess its better to be uncomfortable than dead or maimed.  Look at this months issue of GRM and see what can happen to you in a fire and you will always wear a 3-layer suit.


mike kojima
Getting ready for our first practice session.


 Craig Nagler

Let’s take a look at our competition.  Check this out and have pity on us. Craig Nagler, the owner of Tri Point Engineering is quite the shoe himself.  Here he is driving the Mazda 6 that Randy Pobst drove to a Speed World Challenge championship.  Nevertheless, he kicked our ass.


 Chris Rado

Chris Rado’s super car packs 1300 hp, runs on methanol and requires a space shot like effort before each session to get this mighty machine on the track.  Chris’s crew is the hardest working bunch in all of time attack.  The car is blindingly fast, it is the fastest accelerating road racing car I have ever seen, this is out of F1, CART era Indy Cars, ALMS LMP1, IMSA GTP, none of these can out pull the Rado machine in my opinion.  It is awesome to watch and scary when it appears in your rearview mirror!


 Dez Ballard

Dez Ballard is usually known to be a Subaru driver, here he is driving a big power turbo Mini.  This car is really fast and has at least 400 hp in our estimation.  I heard that this used to be a drag car, nevertheless, it is a nice fast car that kicked our ass.  I think my ass hurts from all the kicking.


 mike kojima
The poor Dog Car tottering around on its rotten shoes desperately trying to stay out of the way of the Robispec EVO.  I think we are not too bad for a Sentra, like christening ourselves the King of the Dorks.  It was still fun to be out there on the track instead of sitting on the sidelines.


mike kojima

The tight and technical Las Vegas Motor Speedway overheated our power steering system and our low pressure return hose sprung a leak.  We were able to fix it.  It sucks being a driver and crew, fortunately the Dog II is a very simple, easy to maintain car that is reliable.  That makes up for it being slow and allows us to spend a lot of time on the track.


mike kojima

We made our tires last by rotating them creatively after every single session and running only every other session.  We would put our best tire on the left front and the worse on the right rear to keep us in the game.  The old tires gripped like run flat spares!


dog car II
We had a pretty big off on the fastest part of the course.  A FWD race car is set up to oversteer pretty strongly and it is balanced with the throttle.  This keeps it from grinding off the front tires.  However if you lift, you usually spin.  We were doing a nice 4 wheel drift at about 80 when our throttle position sensor broke and the plug fell off!  We lost all power and went for a wild ride.  We spent the rest of the day trying to patch up the TPS with glue and zip ties and cleaning gravel out of every nook and cranny of the car.  We probably removed 20 lbs of gravel!


wal mart
We had to go to Wal Mart in the middle of the night to get some chairs since we forgot ours.  While waiting for Jeff to get out of the bathroom I became mesmerized with Avatar.
So Jeff thinks I am a nerd because I like Avatar, but look at his Ghey hat.


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