KW Suspensions New Coil Over System for Nissan’s 300ZX!


The second offering is KW Clubsports. Clubsports are a harder edged set up designed for the enthusiast that frequently autocrosses or does track days with his street car. The top shock mounts are replaced with alloy plates that retain the shock shafts with spherical bearings. This means every bit of suspension motion is transferred through the dampers for the best control. It also means that noise and vibration can be transferred into the driver’s compartment.

KW Suspensions New Coil Over System for Nissans 300ZX!
 The front KW Clubsports in place and looking pretty cool!
The Clubsports in the case of the Z32 will have a different higher rate compression valve in the front shock and higher  front and rear spring rates than the Variant III’s at 9kg front and 8 kg rear. This has been determined though our testing on our 300ZXTT.
KW Suspensions New Coil Over System for Nissans 300ZX!
 The rear KW coilovers in place.  Check out the cool SPL lower brearing shock mount!

We were very impressed with the performance of our Clubsports and the quality of the ride even though they are pretty stiffly damped and sprung.  The KW frequency sensitive valving gave us a ride free of freeway hop and the car’s ride is very similar to our Project Lexus IS-F or EVO IX with its exotic and expensive high tech Moton 3-way dampers.  There is a reason why KW finds its way onto so many of our project and feature cars, it flat out works and their stuff gives tremendous bang for the buck!

OK so its not a super beautiful lead type shot but we just wanted to show the stance and ride height.  This is about as low as you can go and still be functional.  2.25″ front bump travel and around 3″ rear travel with no rubbing.  This was slightly lower than our old suspension and we picked up about an inch of front wheel travel.

KW’s Z32 suspension is in production in Germany and should be available within a few months.


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