LA Auto Show 2016: Sneak Peek – Porsche 911 RSR


The big side scoops have a divider. The dividers probably split air between the engine intake and some heat exchangers.
Check out the extra width of the front fender. It’s just a LITTLE bit wider than stock. The side sill looks like it sticks out about eight inches too. Also, check out the mount for the side mirror. I’m guessing it has some aerodynamic purpose because it would be easier just to have a straight rod holding the mirror.
Apparently the side scoops were not enough for cooling everything, so there’s this little NACA duct to grab some more air.
The trailing edges of the swan neck wing mount are tapered to reduce drag. Button head fasteners help to reduce drag too. Flush head, countersunk screws do not appear to be an option because of the tight hole spacing for the optional wing positions which would cause the countersinks to run into each other.

Two things: aerodynamics is extremely important and Porsche will do anything to not lose. That means taking their 911, whose whole identity is based on the engine hanging out behind the rear axle, and moving that engine to a position in front of the rear axle. So, is it still a 911? Porsche does have the mid-engine Cayman already in the stable, but of course, it’s considered to be the lower stable mate. Well, maybe it’s just a glimpse of what the Cayman could be if Porsche didn’t neuter it.

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