Level Motorsports BMW E30: Part 1 – safety, aerodynamics, and grip!


Under the hood we see more chassis reinforcement by way of a color matched strut tower bar and another tube support at the nose, right in front of the radiator. While significant weight gets added with all of this chassis stiffening, nothing replaces safety if you're going to be a long time racer who takes this seriously. On this flip side, with so much reinforcement up here, this E30 must have a tremendously sharp turn-in response! We'll be discussing what Rocco did to the engine in Part 2.

Here's another close up of the work around the strut tower, as well as what's inside suspension-wise. Ground Control is widely used in the BMW racing world, and having had these camber plates on an E36 M3 myself, I can verify the quality of Ground Control's products.

Here's a close-up of the unfinished reinforcebar you see on the nose of the car a couple of pictures above.

This is a lot more than just adding strut tower reinforcement plates, like the ones you buy from a BMW tuning vendor or something. There's a lot of work done here. I cannot imagine how stiff this car is on track.


Speaking of fabrication, Rocco got rid of the onboard climate control unit, as well as the radio, and replaced it with this panel to mount some of his gauges and switches.
And here are the frutis of that labor. It's a pretty clean setup indeed. If it were up to me I would add a Cappuccino button. Hey, I'm half Italian so I can say that.

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