Level Motorsports BMW E30: Part 1 – safety, aerodynamics, and grip!


Earlier, we'd shown you pictures of some of the fiberglass construction Rocco was doing with the roof top, and using spare body parts. Here he's doing the same thing while creating the fiberglass hood.

And here's the finished product in all of its heat extracting glory. Small louvers can make a tremendous difference in coolant temps when placed over the radiator area like this.

The in-house fabricated splitter is made of alumalite, and helps keep downforce over the front tires to aid in better braking, turn-in response, and cornering while at high speed. And thanks to that widebody action right there, we're sure his braking and turn-in feels great since he was able to shoehorn 275-mm wide tires up front! Those are also Jongbloed Racing 15 x 10-in wheels, which weigh a feathery 16-lb a piece.
Here's another angle of the front widebody panels that allow so much incredible grip on this car.

And here's a shot of the rear, which houses a pair of 275/35-15 slick tires as well. 275-mm wide Hoosier slicks all around is a lot of rubber for such a small car! And, you guessed it, he only uses take-off tires to run in these events, so there are a few different compounds he uses, depending on what's available.

While the factory instrument cluster was retained, everything Rocco needs to see can be viewed through this AiM data acquisition unit.

Stay tuned, in Part 2 we'll check out the car's brakes and engine performance, including seeing what numbers it whips up on the chassis dyno!


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