Level Motorsports BMW E30: Part 1 – safety, aerodynamics, and grip!


Here's another angle showcasing Rocco's impressive roof panel work. We're looking at the car from the left-rear quarter winder and rear windshield, which are Makrolon to save weight.

Earlier we'd mentioned the rear wing which had a base attached to the red tubing (as if you didn't notice that huge sucker earlier). The wing is made of fiberglass and uni carbon foam core in-house by Level Motorsport. Check out that diffuser! We'll cover that in more detail in a moment.

The adjustable wing fabricated by Level Motorsport is 67-in wide and 11.25-in deep. Grabbing air from that high up is much more effecting at putting significant weight over the rear tires than if the same wing sat lower than the roof line.

With this wing, Rocco made sure he was able to have plenty of adjustment capability to suit the different amounts of downforce he'd need at various tracks.

If you're like me, you love a good diffuser on a car. The E30 sports a full aluminum undertray as well as this rear diffuser, which is also made out of aluminum.

In this shot we get a closer look at the diffuser's connection points, as well as a glimps of the car's 3.15 LSD differential from a Z3 M Roadster with some in-house tweaking. The car also does not sport a rear swaybar.

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