Magic Black Box – Stillway’s Time Attack Evo


Stillway CT-9A Mitsubishi Evo
Another look at Stillway's mass centralization efforts and array of electronic tuning boxes.

Which brings us to Seto's race car, or what it's called in these parts, a demo car. As the name implies, a demo-car, should be the epitome of all that you know about cars. Seto started out with a CT9A, EVO-VII. Starting out at 2,910 lbs, it's the lightest of all the CT9A chassis. Obviously Stillway spent a great deal of time reducing the weight of the car as evidenced by the “Swiss cheese” areas front and rear of the strut towers. Entire sections of sheet metal deemed unnecessary were cut out and replaced by vinyl sheets for mere dust protection. The fuel-cell and placement of various computers are centralized for even weight distribution and ride shot-gun to reduce the amount of leverage that their weight would otherwise hold over the tires. The result of all this weight reduction: 2700 lbs. with cage.

This maze of wires, hoses and catch-cans all result in 700 hp and 80 kg of torque.

This lightened ship (Can't say light-weight. That's reserved for AE86, EG6, etc.) is propelled by a 4G63 pulled from a 2006 EVO-IX. A 0.5mm overbore along with Naprec (Nagoya Precision) oversize valves, Trust 264 duration cams, Tomei hardware, and a 2.3L HKS stroker kit were nestled into the legendary turbo four-cylinder with the outcome being a 9:1 compression ratio engine ready for insane amounts of boost; 39 lbs to be exact. External bits include an HKS Kansai Service intake manifold, a Nissan Q45 throttle chosen for its large butterfly, and finally a massive HKS 3240 Turbo. Peripheral pieces are comprised of a Sard pressure regulator and injectors; NGK race plugs and wires; an HKS wastegate, turbo manifold and one-off elbow; a Trust BOV.  Finally an ARC intercooler with Stillway's own IC piping finishes off the massive list of engine parts.

HKS 3240 turbo
HKS 3240 turbo operates at a maximum of 39 PSI of boost pressure.

Computer and Electronic functions include an HKS V-Pro ECU to oversee fuel and ignition timing. Defi gauges allow for the driver to monitor engine vitals which are particularly important when a machine is tuned to within an inch of its life. Max boost is kept in check by an HKS boost controller and a corresponding Trust blow off valve.

Recaro, Takata, Momo, CT9A, EVO, Lancer, Mitsubishi
Components from Recaro, Takata and Momo help the driver comfortably pilot this CT9A EVO.


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