Magic Black Box – Stillway’s Time Attack Evo


All this power wouldn't matter too much if it weren't for suspension bits. Seto was a bit secretive about the coilovers; but we peered between the spokes of the CE28Ns, and saw (what we think are) Quantum bodies with Crux springs. Many in Japan's tuning industry elect to pair Crux and Quantum for their parts interchangeability and ease of tear-down. Some tuners will put their own viscosity of oil and choice of valves in the shock and call it their own special brand. Hard bits such as sway bars and strut bars are Cusco and ARC respectively. All this helps keep 700HP and 650 pound feet worth of torque on the ground when cornering at Central Circuit, but later he has his sights set on Tsukuba.

Carbon rear diffuser
The rear bodywork includes the Voltex body kit and Stillway's own carbon fiber trunk.

Other enhancements are typical of JDM exteriors, including a Voltex body kit, with Stillway's own carbon fiber trunk. Hayashino of Signal Auto painted the car the beautiful midnight purple that it is. It's purple only in certain direct sunlight, but otherwise black. Seto constructed his own fender flares using FRP, and received head-lights from Cyber-EVO.

Cyber-EVO intakes
Fender flares of Seto's own construction make room for sticky Advan AO50 rubber while Cyber-EVO intakes direct fresh air to the engine.

The interior is typical of a crude race-car. By that I mean no creature comforts. The cage is hand-built which is atypical in a country where bolt-on cages are the norm. The EVO is piloted by a Momo steering which is placed in front of a driver in a Recaro SPG seat laced in Takata belts. Again anything on the car bearing weight sits passenger. Seto had to go through quite a bit to lengthen wires and re-route hoses to achieve the placement of this aluminum box.

The spartan interior with Takata harness secured in place and NOS nitrous bottle.

The car currently holds the record lap for a production vehicle at the local track, Central circuit. Seto not only has his sights set on Tsukuba, but other noteworthy circuits in Japan such as Fuji and Suzuka. We certainly think Seto's EVO has the stuff worthy of setting records even beyond Japan. Not bad for a farm boy from the sticks of Himeiji.

Mitsubishi Evo, Honda S2000
We leave you with a look at the front entrance to Stillway's shop and a teaser of the S2000 we'll be featuring next.


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