Mason’s Mean LS Powered Mustang 5….3?
Josh kneeling near front wheel checking alignment with a tape measure and wheel plate
Josh doesn’t just build the things, he also sets up the things, too.

The front end of a drift car sees extreme forces. Josh spends a lot of time making things are just right. But doing so doesn’t always require a super expensive set of alignment tools. Some simple plates and a tape measure, when used properly, can get the job done right. And, in Josh’s case, almost all the jobs are done by he, himself, and him.


Grey Mustang drifting towards frame
Mason’s mean Mustang isn’t mediocre.

No. In fact, one might say it’s magnificent. This Chevrolet-powered Ford is a masterful matching of meticulously measured modifications.

Built by Josh.



  1. Great build. Very efficient use of resources.

    I have shocks that extend into the engine bay and I had some tie rods with spherical bearing rod ends that I bolted to the top of the shocks which I triangulated to the firewall. For about 5lbs in weight the increase in steering precision is phenomenal. I have never seen anybody else do that mod but I swear to god it is the best upgrade I have ever done in terms of price. I had to carve out a divet with a angle grinder and reinforce the mounting points on the firewall. Great bang for buck, though.

  2. Swaybar endlinks tied to the rear bumper support? Am I missing something? Maybe it is just the angle of the pic on Pg7.

    Somebody please tell me I am wrong.

    1. The swaybar is mounted to the axle, and the ends are bolted to the chassis.
      Backwards from how it is on most cars, but the end result is the same.

      1. Ah, yes. Thank you. I thought the Mustang was multi-link now, but I must have missed the Chevy live axle part in the build description.

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