Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca


The all new 2016 Mazda Miata driving under its own power! 
The rear end of the new ND Miata looking very sophisticated with newly redesigned contours and lines in the body.  I tried to snap as many pictures of the running ND but the car was out of sight within a matter of only a few minutes. 

After the ND Miata had been shown, a helicopter came in to take an aerial view of the world record attempt.  This event was really a great opportunity to walk around and see all the Miatas and all the different backgrounds of people that had driven out to celebrate this little roadster.  Cars from every enthusiast perspective joined in for this event:  there were slammed Miatas, a few hellaflush Miatas, roadtrip Miatas, daily Miatas, track Miatas and everything in between.  It was great to see such an eclectic group of people joining in for a common cause and all ages coming together to really enjoy what this car is all about: having fun.


I was standing in line behind this lovely gentleman while waiting for the complimentary BBQ provided by Mazda and couldn't help but notice his completely custom created Miata Hawaiian shirt.  He was more than willing to show it off to me which only made me more jealous that I couldn't buy one for myself.
Aerial shot of Wolf Hill compliments of Mazda.
World record attempt aerial shot compliments of Mazda.

Saturday was the first day of hot laps and all the track cars were directed into the pits and informed about track safety and scheduling.  This was my first time driving on this track and I fully believe that this track has lived up to all the hype.  I can truly say that this was one of the greatest tracks I have driven, and the infamous “corkscrew” really is as scary as everyone says on your first lap through the course.  As the day warmed up my laps became faster, but not even as close to the speed that some of the V8 or supercharged/turbocharged Miatas reached.  I know Miatas aren’t the fastest cars, but I felt like I was standing still when they passed me!

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