Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca


Important develpoment team members from Mazda that aided in the creating of the Miata were giving presentations about the cars history and design evolution.
The prototype NA Miata hatchback was on display inside the Fan Tent.  Oh how I wish that this car had gone into production!
A non running version of the ND Miata was on display for photo opportunities.  No confirmed specs for the motor have been released yet, but it has been confirmed that this car will lighten its overall weight by 220lbs from the NC with 50/50 weight distribution.
Many of Mazda's factory sponsored cars were on display at the front of the event. 
The Le Mans LMP2 Skyactiv Diesel track car was also on display next to pre grid.

Sunday was day two of hot laps and was also race day for the Spec Miata and SuperMiata races.  This event allowed many of the enthusiast Miata owners to see the level of dedication and experience that track people put into their cars to push their roadsters to the edge.  The race was supposed to be a “casual” exhibition event with no points awarded and to allow fans to watch, but I think some race participants in Spec Miata took the event more seriously than that.  I suppose that happens all the time in racing though.  They don’t call it Spec PiƱata (Miata) for nothing!


First lap of the SuperMiata race at the front of the pack.  The SuperMiatas run slightly faster than the Spec Miata series so they were sent out ahead of the Spec run group.
The Spec Miata race group was close behind the SuperMiata run group.  Even though this was an exhibition race, there was still contact between some of the drivers!
Rico all loaded up and on our way back home after a truly memorable weekend at MRLS.  Can't wait until next years event!

All and all this event was an amazing opportunity for everyone to showcase their cars and share their love and enthusiasm for this roadster.  It was awesome to see friends that traveled from far in their cars to enjoy the amazing weekend at Laguna Seca.  HUGE shout out to Rick Weldon for organizing this event!  It wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was without all of his dedication and coordination.  As a huge fangirl of the Miata, I will definitely be back next year.

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