Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca


This was the view most of Saturday morning in the drivers pits.  All the Miata owners were prepping their cars for the hot laps and cleaning windshields from the foggy night.
All the Miatas lined up for pre grid prior to the hot lap run groups.  The Flyin' Miata Martini V8 swapped Miata was lapping me all day!  Impressed is an understatement.
Rico and the Flyin' Miata Exocet jamming through the front straight at MRLS.  It's amazing that the Exocet is really a Miata despite its lightened exterior.  
Mid-day hot laps at the infamous “corkscrew” which is nearly a blind apex while dropping 5.5 stories, totaling 109ft!
Here is some front straight passing during the hot laps.  Note the custom hatchback NB Miata at the front of the pack.  It was great to see all shapes and styles of Miatas out on track for this event.
The Andretti Hairpin turn right before the full throttle push on the front straight.  Props to Woolery for driving his custom Pitcrew front end MX-5 on track.  The paint and detail on that car is immaculate!

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