Ignition system upgrade for the Mitsubishi EVO 8 / 9 – 4G63 engine.

We’re upgrading our Project Evo IX 4G63 motor with high-performance Ignition Projects – ignition coil IP-A133201 which features a high-power built-in spark amplifier, producing 4 times the spark energy and increased amperage of 100% over stock coils.



  1. Nice write up and looking forward to more Evo articles

    Just to add, I have done a coil on plug upgrade on a somewhat stock Evo 8 using Toyota coils and the difference in engine “smoothness” was surprising.

  2. Is the dwell time the same as factory? They look like they would bolt to my suzuki HT81S engine, but I dont have a standalone, so what should I check before switching my ignition setup with something else? I have heard of damaged ecus from switching to different spec coils, but nothing concrete.

    1. Since we are only switching things on the coil side the dwell time is the same. You can damage your ECU if your coil impedance is way different but in this case, the IP coils are application specific and they will not hurt your ECU.

    1. That looks like a pretty good system using the Honda pencil coils but it doesn’t have the multi-spark capability of the IP coils.

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