Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 19 – Achieving Release, Mounting Problems

In the last installment of Project SC300 we had just attempted to bolt on the Quick Time 2JZ-T56 adapter bellhousing to the engine. After some careful massaging of the transmission tunnel, we got back to work.

Installed Quicktime Bellhousing over Tilton Clutch and Flywheel Assembly
We got the bell on, but it still was really uncomfortably close to the tunnel. In the long run, you’ll see why it wouldn’t matter.


At this point it was time to take measurements for the HRB. Hydraulic Release Bearings require some precision measurements in order to be adjusted properly. If you think about it, the bearing surface has to touch the clutch fingers in order to disengage the clutch discs. Hydraulic fluid/pressure is what pushes the HRB bearing surface onto the fingers. Tilton’s HRBs are designed with very specific throw distances in mind, so measuring to determine the proper location of the HRB is extremely important. Grannas Racing has an instructional video that describes how to properly measure for your HRB installation.


Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing Installation Instructions
Tilton Engineering also provides excellent instructions for how to properly install and adjust the HRB.


Handwritten Measurements of Bellhousing-Clutch Distance
First we took the measurements of the bellhousing face to clutch fingers, as instructed. Then, we did the math.


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