Modernizing the Nissan 300ZXTT (Z32) Fuel System with Polar Engineering, BDE Engineering and DeatschWerks

There have been a lot of developments for the Z32 and VG30 family engines over the last several years and as we accumulate parts to bring our 300ZXTT project back on the road, we just had to update the fuel system. when we first built the car over 20 years ago, just having Nismo 550cc/min injectors and the Nismo adjustable fuel pressure regulator was considered to be enough.  The OEM pump flowed something like 255 liters per hour and that was one of the biggest fuel pumps available, period.  This sort of stuff was fine when 500 whp was considered a lot and if you turned up the fuel pressure to 4 bar, you could eek just a bit over 600 whp.  This was pushing stuff to the limit but back in the day, 600 whp was groundbreaking power!  Nowadays with all of the advances in engine and turbo technology and the advent of flex-fuel and E85, this sort of fuel system is grossly inadequate.  Now Polar Engineering, BDE Engineering, and DeatschWerks have all come out with products that make modern fueling on the Z32 platform and VG30 engine and bolt-on no brainer

The Polar Engineering fuel pump hanger is similar in concept to the products offered for more popular cars by companies like Radium. The fuel hanger top hat and pump clamps are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. The hanger uprights and support are water jet cut from 5052 aluminum sheet. The aluminum components are Type II anodized for corrosion resistance, important when running E85. The hanger is available in two colors black or red. All fittings and valves will be black.

The Fuel hanger for 2+0 models comes with a custom Polar Engineering high-flow siphon pump for the saddle tank. The electrical bulkhead connector features 4 heavy gauge wires to power fuel pumps and 2 wires for the fuel level sensor signal. The fuel hanger comes with a brand-new fuel level sensor and low-fuel light thermistor.

The fuel supply and return ports are machined for 8AN ORB threads. The hanger comes with barbed fittings by default, but can also be ordered with 6AN or 8AN fittings at no additional cost. All the hardware is stainless steel and uses corrosion-resistant clamps. All in-tank hoses are submersible and E85 compatible.

The Polar Engineering fuel pump hanger can accommodate one or two fuel pumps. The fuel hanger comes with a Holley HydraMat to assure fuel pick-up during acceleration, cornering, and braking. The fuel hanger will come with detailed installation instructions and schematics.  The hanger also comes with an OEM Nissan fuel level sensor.

We used a single Walbro TIA450 ethanol-compatible fuel pump.  This compact pump can supply 450 liters per hour.  The pump features a dual-channel turbine which helps it achieve such high flow so efficiently.  This is sort of like a mini jet engine compressor.  This pump should help us reach our power goals and still have a little headspace.  This is a big jump from our previous 255 lph pump and should be able to move enough fuel for us to run E85.


  1. It’s amazing what they achieved with that car back in the day.
    I’m excited to see what a VG30 Can do with modern controls and components.
    LS engines will wipe their cam lobes when this thing fires up.

  2. When you say “older” car, does my 2000 Subaru with 02-06 WRX OEM fuel filter fall under that umbrella for E85 woes?

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