Modernizing the Nissan 300ZXTT (Z32) Fuel System with Polar Engineering, BDE Engineering and DeatschWerks

To convert our engine from side feed to top feed injectors, we got a conversion kit from BDE engineering.  The BDE Engineering kit has all the needed hardware to convert your side feed injectors. expensive and not available in many sizes to the much cheaper, available in more sizes and cheaper top-feel injectors.

The BDE Engineering fuel rails are machined from billet aluminum and are designed to fit under the standard OEM Nissan manifold plenum.  The plenum needs to have some minor grinding modifications to fit.  The OEM plenum crossover tube needs to be modified as well for vertical clearance.  Polar Engineering will have new crossover tubes with clearance available soon as well.  The cruise control must be removed and the throttle cable slightly modified to work the BDE fuel rails as well.

With a properly modified fuel system, we will now have plenty of fuel to feed the power that our new turbos and camshafts will potentially create.  We will also have the headspace to run flex fuel and E85 to take advantage of ethanols octane and cooling characteristics.  Stay tuned and more updated parts trickle in!


Polar Engineering


BDE Engineering


  1. It’s amazing what they achieved with that car back in the day.
    I’m excited to see what a VG30 Can do with modern controls and components.
    LS engines will wipe their cam lobes when this thing fires up.

  2. When you say “older” car, does my 2000 Subaru with 02-06 WRX OEM fuel filter fall under that umbrella for E85 woes?

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