More Power for your Electrical system! (Most Race Cars and Drift cars Need This)

The Mele mount has a sturdy retention bracket with a stainless steel hinge.  You don’t have to worry about an overtightened retention strap damaging the battery.  Each mount is laser etched on the strap with a serial number for quality control identification.

The mount is lined with closed-cell foam to prevent rubbing and vibration damage to the battery and acts as a strong case to protect the battery in case of accidents.  This can help prevent shorts and fires in a crash.  If you go to Mele’s website you can see pictures of mounts and batteries that have survived pretty serious wrecks with little to no damage.

These slots on the base of the mount allow a lot of flexibility in mounting.  You add riv-nuts to where you want the battery mounted and hold the mount down with stainless button head allen bolts.

Of course, you can have the world’s best battery but if your alternator doesn’t make enough power to keep up with demand, that battery will eventually get depleted and you will continue to have electrical problems, it will just take a longer operation time for them to come up.  To keep up with a race car’s need for power we prefer to use heavy-duty alternators by DC Power Engineering.  DC makes performance alternators for most current and or popular performance cars as well as universal applications.

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