MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul, Round 7&8 Finals.


Tom Tang's warm-up session, on the other hand, did not go as expected.   Catastrophic engine failure led to an early retirement for the S2000. 
In preparation for qualifying, I spent more time on the alignment to get Project EF handling to potential and to get the steering wheel pointed relatively straight. 
Justin had little to do other then rotate wheels and check brake pad condition.  The Rockstar Garage S2000 has been refined over a few years of MPTCC, so the setup is simple and sorted.
Lined up and staged for qualifying, which was before noon and not terribly warm, the field was ready to see who could land pole position.
Project EF's optimized gearing and extra power worked well, but the front grip was just not up to par- which I can attribute to a gamble I took on front suspension settings.  I tried my best to hustle the car to a decent pace, but couldn't outrun Justin who was about 1 second faster per lap. Martin was a few seconds behind that. 
With Justin sitting comfortable in pole position and Martin making great torque on starts and corner exits, I had my work cutout for me to not only keep up with the S2000, but to also make sure I could keep the G20 behind me. 

I knew at the start that I had a solid chance to challenge Justin into the first corner, but with a mishap in starting distance from the race class ahead of the MPTCC field, and an Audi S4 sleeping on the start, my run was snuffed and I had to tuck in behind Justin's S2000, which not only allowed him position into turn 1, but also allowed Martin's G20 to be in very close proximity.
Justin with clear track and a quick setup, it was difficult for me to keep pace with the nose scrubbing speed and understeering significantly.

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