MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul, Round 7&8 Finals.


Martin dealt with out of class car dramas which made it difficult to stay in the fight.  Sometimes races are decided by factors outside of your control.

Ultimately Justin was able to hold on to 1st place for the duration of the race, getting him a jump on year-end points going into Sunday's race.  This would make it very difficult for me to still win the year-end title, but not impossible. Speed needed to be found in the setup and same with a more aggressive strategy to stay in contention for the next day's race.

ARP Performance Products Race #7 Podium

1st place/Justin Taylor, Rockstar Garage S2000, $125 ARP Race Bucks awarded
2nd place/ Clint Boisdeau, MotoIQ Project EF Civic?, $75 ARP Race Bucks awarded
3rd place/ Martin Gonzales, MotoIQ Project P10 G20? , $50 ARP Race Bucks awarded
Day two, Round 8 brought nearly identical conditions as the day before.  At least I was able to get more rest and Project EF needed less work.  Martin and Justin's cars were ready to go also come the morning, so warm-up seemed like it would be fine and trouble free. 

Warm-up and qualifying could almost have been a repeat from the day before, yet everyone went slightly quicker.  Project EF still had strong understeer, but I did what I could with the suspension adjustability I had to reduce the push.  

Martin found time despite a wheel bearing issue which lead to significant brake pad knock back.  His lines and entry speeds were improving all weekend. 

Unfortunately after qualifying, Martin noticed an oil leak puddling up under Project G20's engine bay. 

The issue ended up being the turbocharger oil return line which got pinched in an odd manner as a result of contact with the downpipe. 

Martin with the use of my dremel, snowboard goggles for safety, and some miscellaneous parts was able to”Macgyver?” a solution to make the line safe for the upcoming race.

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