MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships Presented by Motul, Round 5&6 Coverage plus 7&8 Preview


With a decently sized break leading up to the final race weekend, Martin decided high attention to detail alignment was in order to get Project G20 dancing in the corners. With the help of fellow MotoIQ founder Mike Kojima Project G20 got its alignment settings in order.


Stringed up and ready for adjustments.  Project G20 was in dire need of a meticulous alignment to be more competitive. 
Mike and Martin found the alignment to be extremely out of spec.  Even though Martin's adjustments at the track before the last race were moving in the correct direction, the end point as to where the toe settings should be had a long way to go. After a couple hours working on the car, the alignment settings were spot on. Martin should be significantly quicker the final race thanks to some more effective grip usage from the proper alignment settings and much needed driver's confidence in the steering feel. 
Project EF on the other hand had a lot of things to fix and upgrade. With the head seal in question it was time to not only pull the head to inspect and replace possibly damaged parts, but also to upgrade parts for greater efficiency.
Thanks to one of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship's sponsors, ARP Fasteners, Project EF's B18C got a fresh set of hardened head studs.  
With the stud design and materials used on the ARP hardware being much more suitable for race conditions and a higher clamping force ability, Project EF was looking to have a better head on its shoulders.  
Thanks to the lovely Karla Pestotnik, who also happens to be an exceptional engine mechanic, Project EF's B18C was pulled apart for the repair. 
Karla's organizational habits are far superior to my own, hence the reason she handled the engine work while I took the pictures. 
We all talk about doing this, but Karla has the patience to actually do it.  Carefully marked and organized plastic bags for individual parts.

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