Motorcycle Track Day: Prep and Action


I’ve used K&N oil filters on the bike and they come with a 17mm hex head on them for easy installation and removal. Notice in the previous picture, the fairing has to come off and the coolant reservoir has to be moved to gain access to the filter.
I always pre-fill the oil filter on any vehicle. It reduces the time without oil pressure by just that little bit. Lube the gasket of course!
I have a number of oil filter cap wrenches and fortunately I had one that fit the filter. I mark the filter with a piece of tape so I can tell how far I've spun it after the gasket makes contact.
Being that my bike is a 2005 model year, I thought it best to upgrade the stock brake lines before venturing to the track. So I ordered up a front brake line kit from Goodridge. I used Goodridge brake lines on my old Nissan SE-R way back in the day and they worked like a champ.
There’s not too much to doing the brake line swap. There’s one banjo bolt at the master cylinder to undo. If you look at the screws holding the cap onto the fluid reservoir, you’ll notice I took a Dremel to them to cut in a slot back in the day. I striped out the phillips head screws a bit so I transformed them into flat heads. Haven’t had problems since.
On the right side of the front wheel fairing, there’s a screw holding on the brake line tee.

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