Motorcycle Track Day: Prep and Action


I cut off the rubber bushing from the stock brake line and reused it on the Goodridge line for the clamp on the fork clamp. The bushing for the part of the brake like going to the left side caliper was made of something much more stiff and I could not cut it off.
Before any motorcycle track day, you’ll want to go over every fastener on the bike. A fastener coming off can make for a bad day for you and/or for some poor bastard following you. Race bikes have everything safety wired.
There are many ways people get their bikes to the track. I was lucky enough that my friends have a truck and enclosed trailer. Many people have trucks. Some people use vans. Some people raid the local U-haul.
Removing the mirrors and taping up all the head lights and reflectors is required. The tape helps keep the pieces together in the situation of a crash. Depending on the organization, some do not allow typical glycol coolant, so the coolant system can only have water.
The rear brake light has to be taped up too and the license plate removed.
To get some video footage, I mounted my trusty Replay XD Prime X on the underside of the fairing.

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