Motorcycle Track Day: Prep and Action


On the left side of the wheel fairing is this clamp.
Another clamp is located on the fork clamps.
There’s not much to the front brakes lines. The stock lines are on the left and the Goodridge lines on the right. The short length goes to the right-side caliper, the tee branch goes to the left side caliper, and the straight line from the right caliper goes up to the master cylinder.
Motul RBF660 does the trick for making sure I don’t boil fluid on the track. Losing the brakes on a motorcycle is a really really bad thing. Of course, that’s why I got the new Goodridge brake lines too.
A trick a buddy taught me is to use a zip-tie or any other method for holding the brake lever closed overnight. This will get ALL the air out of the system.
Here is the Goodridge brake line kit all installed. I reused the clamp on the left side of the fairing to hold the brake line in place as the wheel is turned and the suspension goes through its range of motion.

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