Motovicity Ticket to Ride – Ford Mustang Build Part 2


Here is the rocker assembly bolted up to the diff cover. The team at Performance & Styling is now ready to reinstall the diff cover and add the lateral links.
A look at what the rear diff cover will look like with everything bolted up.
Here is the Whiteline third link in place.
With all the links in place, the Whiteline rear suspension is one of the most involved aftermarket suspension kits we have yet to experience!  The rear bar was adjusted to the softest setting.
You can now see the rocker up close and notice what a substantial piece it is.  It has to be, the rocker takes all of the car’s lateral load generated by the rear tires.  The cover has two positions for locating the roll center.  The high position will lower the roll center about an inch from the stock location which is about even with the axle centerline.  The lower position drops the roll center another inch.  The rocker was put into the high position.
The rear bar was set at full soft.
To keep track of what the Ticket To Ride Mustang’s engine was up to, some Pro-Control Gauges were installed to ensure we would not accidentally burn the house down under hard track use. What sets Pro-Control gauges apart from other gauges is their ability to control switched devices that can be triggered whenever a pre programmed high or low setting is surpassed.  Fans, pumps, nitrous, the list of things that can be switched on or off by a Pro-Control Gauge is only limited by your imagination. Pro Control gauges also feature many other state of the art functions such as 0-5 volt analog outputs for datalogging or active ECU feedback, programmable high and low reading warnings that flash the entire gaug’es face in different pre programmed colors, a large 270 degree sweep and solid state sensors for an amazing 2% accuracy over the sweep of the gauge.


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