Motovicity Ticket to Ride – Ford Mustang Build Part 2


Monitoring the air fuel ratio is important as running too lean is not good for the life of your motor.  Performance & Styling will be keeping tabs on their Mustang’s engine mixture with Stack’s 52mm Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio gauge.  The Stack A/F monitor has a dual digital and radial bar graph LED displays for easy reading.  The gauge also a a 0-4 volt analog output for data logging or ECU closed loop feedback.  The gauge features a programmable over lean alarm and a peak recall of the leanest condition during the last run.  The gauge is compatible with gasoline, methanol, ethanol, propane or liquefied natural gas fuels.
With more power on tap and to prepare for on track thrashing in the near future an Exedy Stage One clutch was installed. The Stage One clutch is quite a bit more heavy duty than stock while still retaining a stock like clutch pedal effort and stock like engagement characteristics.  Here we see Performance & Styling getting ready to remove the transmission.
The Exedy Stage One pressure plate has 40% more clamping force than stock.  The diaphragm spring is thicker than stock and induction hardened on the fingers to reduce wear from the throw out bearing rubbing on it.  The stamped steel clutch cover is stiffer than stock for a higher clamp force and the pressure ring is made of strong ductile iron for long wear and burst resistance.
The Exedy Ultra Fiber disc on the left has stock like friction characteristics for smooth engagement.   The friction material is reinforced for better high temperature characteristics with metallic fibers.  This strengthens the material and eliminates the need for a metal backing to pass SFI’s burst test.  The material is bonded and riveted to the disc for shear and burst strength.  The hub center and the hub spring retainers are hardened for strength.

Now that Performance & Styling has tackled the basic performance needs of the Motovicity Ticket to Ride Mustang, the next step is to see exactly what these upgrades will translate to in real life. The MotoIQ crew will now take delivery of the Ticket to Ride Mustang and will put it through its paces in a head to head shootout with its stock counterpart. Will these basic performance modifications yield faster lap times? Stay tuned to find out!


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