Nerd’s Eye View: 2012 LA Auto Show


Toyota also brought a top fuel dragster.  Here, you can clearly see the blower safety blanket which we talked about in car safety.  On the front end of the engine is a mechanically driven fuel pump.


Toyota had a nifty display showing just how much the fuel pump and injectors flow.  The bottom picture is showing a flow rate of 9 gallons per minute.  Somehow, those top fuel engines are able to burn all that fuel.


This is the backside of the Mazda 2.2L diesel race engine concept.  It looks to use a pair of Garrett by Honeywell turbos paired with Tial turbine housings.  The smaller top turbo is called the high pressure (HP) turbo while the larger bottom turbo is called the low pressure (LP) turbo.  In this 2-stage setup, the exhaust gas goes through the HP turbo first to allow for the fastest spool-up.  Once the HP turbo is up to speed, the Tial wastegate starts bypassing the exhaust gas directly to the LP turbo.  This prevents from over-speeding the HP turbo.  The air goes into the LP turbo compressor first, through an air-to-water intercooler and into the HP turbo.  Having an intercooler between the two turbos greatly improves efficiency, power, and reliability.


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