Nerd’s Eye View: 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish



As you’ve probably noticed already, the chassis is made of a stamped, cast, and extruded aluminum segments which are riveted and bolted together.  The frontend of the car looks to be separated into two main sections: the main section that bolts to the central frame holding the engine and suspension pick-up points, and the very front section that I assume is a crumple zone along with holding on the bodywork.  In the right side of the lower picture appears to be a cast section bolted to extruded sections; the cast portion has many ribs that add stiffness while minimizing material to reduce weight.  In the very left part of the picture, what I think is a part of the bumper meant to be a crumple zone, consists of extruded aluminum with a central rib for more stiffness.


Peeking through the front wheel (with the carbon brakes conveniently cut away), you can see the deep ribs on the cast part containing the upper A-arm mounting points.  The steering rack is mounted below the front half of the engine with the tie-rods connected on the front side of the beefy spindle.  There appears to be a wheel speed sensor in the spindle.


The front suspension uses a coil over system with upper A-arm and lower L-shaped control arm.  The front sway bar goes underneath the control arm and connects with the end-link.


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