Nerd’s Eye View: 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish



The rear muffler was cut away.  Pneumatic actuators (similar to those used for internal wastegates on turbos) are used to give the exhaust a straight shot out when at wide-open-throttle for maximum power and noise.  Otherwise, the exhaust gases are forced through the muffler to quiet things down.


The underside of the carbon fiber hood features vents and a skeleton for rigidity. 


A bit of a look at the interior.  Um, one thing I noticed is the door swings slightly upward.
Uh…. (hey, I didn’t go to school to study interior/artistic/ergonomic/fancy schmancy design, so I’m poking around here)……. this thing only comes in an automatic (I think).  The steering wheel has flatish sides instead of the more typical flat bottom; I am kinda digging the suede looking material inserts on the wheel.  The throttle pedal looks pretty skinny and the brake looks to be pretty close to the throttle with both pedals biased towards the right.  There’s an aweful lot of space between the brake pedal and dead pedal.  Too bad there’s no clutch pedal there.  The tach swings up counter clockwise which is a little different.  Oh, it has a cup holder!


This is what the fancy interior of an Aston Martin looks like along with the rear ‘seats’; I guess a typical Beverly Hills small purse dog could fit back there.  


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