Nerd’s Eye View: 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish



Looking at these extruded aluminum frame sections, you can see the internal ribs used for stiffness.


The rear subframe appears to be welded together in some portions and has the mounting points for the suspension components rear sway bar.  In the left portion of the picture is the lower pan of the rear differential; it’s finned for increased heat transfer.


The rear end and axle.


This is a closer look at the upper control arm of the rear suspension and its mounting points; I had to sneak a picture between the brake rotor and rim to get a different angle of the upper arm.  


Like pretty much every exotic and/or supercar, the parking brake uses a separate caliper.  There are only 4 lug nuts on this wheel, but I do not think it was done as an intentional weight saving measure.


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