Nerd’s Eye View: 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R


Packaging is very tight on the modern sport bike. The coolant bottle has an organic shape to morph into the space between the fairing and the coolant hose.
The oil cooler is this heat exchanger with the engine coolant. The coolant hose going to the oil cooler has a protective sleeve over it because wearing a hole through the hose would be a bad thing.
The rear set is pretty heavily knurled to provide good grip for the rider’s boots. The aluminum shield covering the rear brake master cylinder protects the master cylinder from damage from the rider’s boot. It’s interesting that they made a couple cut-outs in the shield, but it seems to have a lot of form over weight reduction function.
The pretty titanium header mates up to the catalytic converter.

So, if you fancy yourself a machine that is very close to a full-on race machine and you want to go really, really fast, you may want to consider this ZX-10R. Some 200hp between your legs, lots of titanium bits, track-ready suspension, track-ready rubber, and a whole suite of electronics. You might want to hire a race engineer, though, to help you dial in all the settings.


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