Nerd’s Eye View: Chevrolet Corvette C7.R



GTLM Corvette C7.RThe rest of the air from the side scoops is sent through these ducts to a rear mounted radiator. Mounted next to the central duct appears to be a Peterson oil tank that has had to be modified; a notch was welded in to allow sufficient clearance for the tank to fit next to the horizontal bar.
Corvette C7.RThe ducts feed this rear mounted radiator that also has a puller fan for times when the car is not in motion. My guess is the radiator is used for cooling the transmission fluid. Mounted in the middle of the bodywork above the Corvette sticker is the rear facing camera. This camera is employed as part of the Corvette’s revolutionary system used to detect other cars behind the Corvette and their closure rates. This is especially handy when racing in the pitch black darkness with LMP1 cars bearing down with very high closure rates and their blinding headlights. Before, all the drivers could see were very bright headlights with very little perception as to closure rates. This camera system greatly improves the safety of racing with the different speed classes. This rear view also gives a good look at the single element rear wing.
Corvette C7.RThe rear wing has a slight curvature optimized for the airflow patterns over the top of the car. The mounting for the rear wing allows for height and rearward position alterations to adjust the downforce balance of the car. The holes in the mounts are numbered to help keep track of setup changes. The back edge of the trunk has a sizeable spoiler adding to the downforce generation. Attention to detail is shown by the tapered rear edges of the wings mounts to reduce drag.
GTLM Corvette C7.R WingMore attention to detail is shown here as the slots in the rear wing endplates are taped over to reduce aero drag. When 24 hour races have been won by seconds, every little bit helps.
GTLM Corvette C7.R ChassisThe passenger side of the cage does not employ the intrusion prevention barrier used on the driver’s side. Look carefully near the top of the windshield in the middle and you’ll spot a pitot tube.

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