Nerd’s Eye View: Chevrolet Corvette C7.R



Corvette C7.RAttached to the other side of the pitot tube is this fitting with a couple air tubes connected. Pitot tubes are simple fluid dynamic devices used to measure wind speed from a simple stagnation pressure calculation. Pitot tubes are commonly seen on airplanes and the Prototype cars, but this is the first such implementation I’ve noticed on a GT car.
Corvette C7.RI believe the big cooler is for the driver’s drinking water. If the driver is in there for 2-3 hours, you can bet he’s consuing a large volume of water.
Corvette C7.RSituated in the back of the passenger side is the air conditioning unit as enclosed cars must maintain an interior temperature no higher than 32 deg C per regulations at Le Mans. That’s almost 90F for you non-metric types. The little round air vent looks like it was lifted from the GM parts bin and melded into the carbon fiber blower housing.
Corvette C7.RThere are just a FEW electronics placed in the passenger side of the cabin. Notice most of it is along the transmission tunnel putting them as close to the centerline of the car as possible. This should reduce the polar moment of inertia allowing the car to rotate more quickly. The electronics are also placed as low as they can go to keep the center of gravity of the car low.
Corvette C7.RThe driver has these nets on both sides. Check out the big bar coming from the bottom corner of the A-pillar and attaching to the middle of the top bar of the cage for added strength. On the driver’s side, instead of a straight bar, the bar is kinked to give the driver visibility. Having a big bar in the middle of the driver’s view would probably not be good. The clear tube running along the net is the driver’s water feed tube.

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