Nerd’s Eye View: Honda R&D’s Acura ILX Endurance Racers



To dial in a lot more negative camber on a strut based front suspension design, you need adjustable camber plates. These are available through HPD.

The rear H&R setup consists of a new rear damper with a main and tender spring setup mounted inboard. A HPD adjustable rear control arm link (visible behind the damper and springs) is used to dial in a proper track car alignment. Judging from the look of the rear tire, it looks like the alignment is spot on.

In endurance racing, reliability is essential. Therefore, the K24 engine is pretty much stock. That’s OEM reliability engineering for ya! Red Line racing oil was used to keep the internals happy. The transmission itself was reworked by Synchrotech Transmission to be better suited to racing. Between the transmission and engine is a HPD lightened flywheel and racing clutch package. HPD was also tapped for their motor mounts to stiffen things up improving throttle response and shifter action.
An HPD designed radiator replaces the stock unit further ensuring reliability by keeping coolant temperatures in check. Some good ole alumalite sheet was used to duct air through the radiator to improve cooling.
To help pull air through the radiator and out of the engine bay, the stock hood was hacked and vents from APR were installed.

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