Nerd’s Eye View: Honda R&D’s Acura ILX Endurance Racers



An HPD exhaust header/elbow is used in place of the stock piece. The K24 has an exhaust manifold integrated with the head, so there is only a single port coming out of the head to be collected by the exhaust elbow. Take note of the location of the spray nozzles and where they are aimed. Once upon a time, there was a time attack car (pretty sure it was an Evo X) with a turbo mounted back along the firewall. I think the oil feel line to the turbo failed causing a fire. Unfortunately, while there were spray nozzles, they were not aimed in the proper location and the fire burned between where the nozzles sprayed. Anyway, back to this car, the HPD exhaust header/elbow has a thermal coating from Embee Performance Powder Coating to keep the heat in the exhaust and out of the engine bay. More DEI reflective gold tape is used to protect sensitive lines along the firewall from the remaining radiant heat coming off the exhaust elbow. There have also been a few modified Evo Xs with melted wiring and such along the firewall due to the heat coming off aftermarket exhaust manifolds. Learn from them, protect that stuff!
THRW fabricated a 3” stainless steel exhaust with a Magnaflow muffler to mate up to the HPD exhaust elbow off the engine’s head.
Back up in the engine bay is another fire suppression spray nozzle. What I want you to observe are the bolts marked with paint markers. The THRW guys have marked every nut and bolt on the car after they were torqued to proper specifications. Why? It allows the team to very quickly visually check them to see if any have come loose during a pit stop or during any other vehicle inspection period. Plus, if they undo a bolt, the marks should line right back up when the bolt is re-torqued. This is another time saving trick that could possibly save a race by preventing a crash due to a loose component. Off on a little bit of a tangent, but have a look at race motorcycles. Every nut and bolt is safety-wired to prevent them from coming loose due to vibrations. Losing a bolt on a motorcycle really sucks for the rider if something like the brake caliper fails or oil drain bolt comes off, or for the poor schmuck behind them that rides over said bolt or oil spill.
The front HPD tow strap is cheap, strong, and lightweight.
Wire mesh is used in the front bumper openings to prevent tire rubber chunks and other track debris from clogging or damaging the radiator and other components.
So here’s something interesting… tinted rear windows were banned in the rules for some reason. So, being the creative guys they are, THRW used strips of tape across the rear windshield to cut down on the light getting through. The stock glass piece was replaced with lexan, hence all the fasteners to hold it down along with the two metal strips in the middle to add support.

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