Nerd’s Eye View: Honda R&D’s Acura ILX Endurance Racers



APR GT2000 wingAPR was tapped for their GT200 rear wing to improve high-speed stability.
Being the smart MotoIQ readers that you are, you know bolting a wing down to a factory trunk without additional support is generally not a good idea as the trunk was not designed to handle those forces. Well, the THRW guys are smart too and added big mounting support plates on the underside of the trunk. Those plates distribute the forces generated by the wing over a much larger area so there is no way the wing will come off as it would literally have to tear the whole trunk off to do so.
The stock rear trunk latch system was also ditched in favor of something lighter and faster.
The lower corners of the rear bumper used to house red reflectors. Those were removed allowing air to escape from inside the bumper which should reduce drag. In the modern age of chasing fuel economy numbers, cars come straight from the factory with nice low-drag aerodynamic devices like the stock rear lower body panel on this ILX acting as a diffuser.
The stock doors were gutted and chopped for weight savings. The cage extends outwards into the shell of the doors to maximize the protective space of the cage.
This is a 4-door car, so the rear doors were gutted too.

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